Friendship Foundation of American Vietnamese

Trip to Dien Bien Phu

To all our supporters and members of the Friendship Foundation of American Vietnamese

Here is a report from our assistant in Viet Nam about our ongoing project to help the children and schools in the area where the Dien Bien Phu battle took place in 1954. This is the battle where Americans were involved and several were killed. This is the battle that led to the American involvement in the "American War."

We plan to continue to help these children and their schools during 2017. Donations are most welcome. You can send a donation for this project to Friendship Foundation, 5400 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102 or visit our donation page.


Very happy and successful trip to delivery money to our primary and junior high schools serving over 90 children.

All the teachers and staff from the schools were so happy and appreciated your support as well as all Friendship Foundation has done to encourage them to overcome all the difficulties in their lives.

They do hope to receive your continued support in the coming years and wish all of you good health, and a lucky and long life.

Here are the photos of my trip in Dien Bien Phu during December 2016.

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