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Teachers Facility for people in Dien Bien Phu Province

Appeal for Fundraising

Dear friends

Again we must thank all of you for your great support for our humanitarian work to help the poor and vulnerable in Viet Nam. We have just completed Mission # 43 in January and February 2017.

During that time, we provided support for orphans, helped the Mental Health Hospital in Khanh Hoa province; provided funds for the Nam Dinh Province School Library Project; provided scholarships for “challenged” students in Dien Bien Phu Province; and provided food and help for the rural poor in Long An Province as well as Can Tho City. We shall provide more details in the Mission # 43 Report.


We have two projects.

First, we do have an urgent educational building project for which we need your help. We visited some 16 schools in Dien Bien Phu province and provided some scholarships support. They now have specifically requested our help on a project they need. This is the construction of a very needed teachers’ facility. (See Attached page for some architecture

The cost would be $16,500.

We are planning to go to Dien Bien Phu District in September 2017 where we plan to participate in a ground breaking ceremony.

This project will help teachers and the schools there which are located high in the mountains and need this facility. Many of the students attending these schools are from the minority T’ai and Hmong ethnic groups

Secondly, we will continue to support the School Library Project in Nam Dinh province. This is a provincial project to provide a library for every classroom in the province. Viet Nam does not have libraries like ours and such libraries are greatly needed in the schools so the youth can draw out books for reading at home. We will be providing funds to buy these needed books.


So we appeal to you to donate for these TWO PROJECTS.

We are have set a goal of $24,500 which is the money needed for all our mission #44. Of course, we are begging for your help once again.

Enclosed is a donation envelope. Please donate whatever you can--whether $500, or $200, or $100, or $50, or $10. You know we will make good use of whatever you can afford. Also be assured that people in Viet Nam are very grateful for your help. Know that every dollar you donate goes directly to the needy.

Take care! Have a wonderful summer season. We will pray to the Good Lord to continue to bless you, your family, and your friends. May 2017 turn into a year of peace, happiness, and friendship for our very troubled world.

Yours in friendship,

Gia Hoa Ryan
Executive Director

Joseph Meissner
Vice Director

Dr. George McCarthy
President, Board of Directors

Scholarships Recently Awarded to Dien Bien Phu Secondary School Students

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