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Project Volunteer Costs

Project Fees

Costs & Payment

The Project Fee, payable by all who volunteer, including Foundation Staff, has remained relatively stable over the past fourteen years. The fee for this year's Project XIV, as stated in the Project Announcement, is US$925.00. (Request information here.) Volunteers can make payments upon arrival in Saigon at the beginning of the project or pay online via (below).

The fee covers all food, lodging, and transportation from the beginning of the project until the New Year's Eve party and January 1st when the Second Informal Part of the Project begins. Most rooms are double occupancy. Considering that foundation staff make all restaurant, hotel, interpreter, guide, personnel arrangements and transportation reservations, the fee allows volunteers much more time to focus on the mission.

The project fee does not cover air fare to Vietnam. The Foundation staff does help with obtaining airline information and assists participants with advice on obtaining the most economical arrangements.

NEW! You may now pay your project fee by credit card using our secure payment system through Please use the button below and fill in your phone number and payment amount.

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Spending Money

Volunteers should plan on bringing personal spending money to cover laundry, personal telephone and computer communications, and other very personal expenses such as smoking and buying gifts for family and friends. As Vietnam is a fairly inexpensive travel destination, between $10 and $40 per day should be plenty.

Volunteers should plan on about $50 per day for travel, food and lodging money for days spent in Vietnam during the Second or Informal Part of the Project after January 1st. Yes, you may be able to get by on less. But it is better to bring enough extra money since checks are of no use in Vietnam. Even credit cards are only usable in certain places, while banks are only open at certain hours and may be accessible only in the very largest cities.

Additional Details

  • Volunteers are not required to make an additional donation in order to participate.
  • The participation fee includes all transport, accommodation and food within Vietnam. Vegetarians happily accommodated!
  • All accommodation and food is provided in safe, clean locations. Transport is reliable and safe. All Vietnamese assistants are paid a fair and equitable wage.
  • All participating Friendship Foundation staff are volunteers, participating at their own expense. This includes traveling to/from America as well as within Vietnam.

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